Two places at once are easy...

It's fitting in that's hard

Elizabeth 'Z' Delgado
28 May
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So, one minute I'm scratching out a living on the streets of Newtech City and trying to prevent Jack from being too philanthropic, and the next I'm being offered a scholarship to some fancy prep school in Virginia by a giant blue dog. Here's hoping I fit in here better than I have at every other school I've ever been to.

((OOC: Thanks to unspecified faffing about on the part of her parents and SPD Earth's pioneering scientists, she has the genetic power to create replicates of herself and reabsorb them at will. The fate of Z's parents is unknown, but she lived on the streets until being picked up by SPD for thieving and offered a deal.

This is when canon and FH-verse diverge. In canon, Z was arrested at twenty-ish and made a Power Ranger immediately, sharing rank with Bridge, Sky, and Syd, who had years of specialized training. In Fandom-verse, she was picked up three weeks shy of her sixteenth birthday and offered specialized schooling. Since the SPD base is under repair, she was sent to Fandom High Summer Camp, where Cadet Carson already was. Jack Landors, her best friend and partner in crime, refused Cruger's offer (as he initially did in canon) and is serving out his sentence in a tiny little card.))

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