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Z Delgado

Two places at once are easy...

It's fitting in that's hard

Z Delgado
Elizabeth 'Z' Delgado multiplez
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Room 317, Monday Evening
Z had had a genius idea. After a quick raid on the art supply closet, she had set the kids to making sock puppets for Artoo's sock puppet show--which he was just so thrilled about, really. Paris had painted her entire sock pink before she began decorating it, while somehow managing not to get any paint on her. "S'my superpower," she said with a shrug, and Z wished she'd gotten that power. Wraith was helping Toby, as things with glue on them tended to stick to his gloves, and JD was focused on making his sock look as much like a red Power Ranger as possible. Kimmy's sock sat half-finished, as she'd started making fun of Paris's all-pink sock and had to go into time out again. Anyway, they only needed two sock puppets.

"Okay, guys," she said when she judged the socks more-or-less done. "Let's go clean up and take showers, and then we'll watch Artoo's show before bed, okay?" She created a replicate to clean up the art supplies scattered across her floor and, maybe, to try to get that paint out of the curtain before it set.

"But Mommy," Toby said in a worried voice, holding up his hands for inspection, "these aren't my shower gloves!"

"I know, buddy, but we'll have to make do," Z sighed as she ushered the kids toward the bathroom.