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Z Delgado

Two places at once are easy...

It's fitting in that's hard

Z Delgado
Elizabeth 'Z' Delgado multiplez
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Room 317, Sunday Night
Z was about ready to tear her hair out, but she'd managed to keep all five children alive for one day, so she was going to call it a plus. Kimmy and Paris seemed to be at each other's throats every five seconds, while Toby cried at the drop of a hat, but JD had taken him under his wing, so that was good. Wraith...it was hard to get a read on Wraith. She smiled a lot. It was a little disconcerting.

Now, after a sad excuse for supper that had cleaned out her Pop Tart stash, she had dressed the kids in a motley assortment of her workout clothes and was putting them to bed while a replicate laundered their clothes for tomorrow. She'd squeezed the three smallest ones into her bed (with Toby between Paris and Kimmy so they didn't kill each other in their sleep), and they were out like wee adorable lights. She'd made up a pallet on the floor for JD and Wraith, and she'd figure out where she'd sleep later.

There was just one problem. Wraith and JD weren't sleepy.

"Please?" she tried. "I'll buy you a pony."

((Open to anyone who'd have a good reason to be in Z's room!))

JD rolled his eyes. "You're just saying that. It's not like you'll even remember me to buy me a pony, anyway. My mom's different."

"I could pin a note to your shirt telling your mom to buy you a pony?" Z suggested.

"A I can forge her handwriting and B we can't afford a pony. She'd buy a My Little Pony and tell me to suck it up."

"Are you sure you're Sky's kid?" Z asked him.

JD shrugged. "I dunno. I never met the guy!"


"Okay, so what do you want to do until you get sleepy?"

"I wanna watch TV!" Wraith told her.

"There's no TV here."

Wraith pointed at the computer. "We could watch TV on that!"

This seemed an acceptable compromise, so Z hijacked Luke's desk chair and set the kids up in front of the computer. She settled down on the floor where she could see the screen and watched as Wraith somehow cued up an episode of Mighty Capin' Justice Magicians. "Okay, but keep the volume down, yeah? We don't want to wake up your...siblings."