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Z Delgado

Two places at once are easy...

It's fitting in that's hard

Z Delgado
Elizabeth 'Z' Delgado multiplez
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Room 317, Sunday Late Morning/Early Afternoon
Z woke up to the sound of pounding. Not just in her head, although that was pretty bad, too. No, this pounding was coming from outside. "Hang on!" she yelled as she tugged on her uniform. Had Luke locked himself out? No, he could always just Forcepick the lock or something. Maybe it was Bridge.

She flung the door open and said, "What??" Then she realized there was nothing there and looked down. At five children.

The tallest, a boy in a red and grey baseball shirt, said, "Hi, Mom!"

Oh, it was too early in the morning for this.

Paris flung herself at one of Z's legs. "Mommymommymommy!"

And then Toby followed suit. "I MISSED you, Mommy! I just went upstairs to get my drawing and then I was here!"

Z? Still boggling, and now with a small child attached to either leg. "Buh?"

"We're from alt'rnate dimenshuns," Kimmy explained. "Or something. Hi I'm Kimmy! You're my mommy! Sort of! One of you is my mommy!"

"Uh, yeah," JD said. "Apparently we're all your kids. I'm JD, and that's Wraith, and Toby and Paris, and Kimmy you met."

Toby peered up Z's leg and explained, "I'm really To Be Decided, 'cause you and Daddy didn't get the birth certificate in on time."

Z tentatively reached down to ruffle his hair. "Yeah? Who's your daddy, kiddo?"

"Daddy's Bridge Carson! He works for SPD!"

And now Z was back to, "Buh? Wait, are all of you Bridge's kids?"

"No, just Toby," Wraith said. "Don't worry, Mommy, we figured it ALL out already."

Which was great and all, Z just wished they'd explain it to her. "Uh. Did you guys have breakfast yet?"

Wraith nodded enthusiastically. "Yep. We had pancakes and I talked to Uncle Luke and he told me where to find you, and I had chocolate syrup and pickles on my pancakes."

Z eyed Wraith warily. "Are you sure you're not Bridge's kid?"

Wraith giggled. "Nooooo."

"Oh! Are you Luke's?" That so sounded like something Luke would eat.

"Nooooo." Wraith decided to have mercy on her mom. "My dad's Ranger Chan."

"Ghost is your dad. Great. Of course." She looked down at Toby. "So, your dad's Bridge..." Then she turned to her other side and asked the kid clinging to her other leg, "What about you?"

"I'm Paris! I'm five!"

"Yes, I know that," Z said patiently, "but who's your dad?"

"I don't have a daddy! I have another mommy! Her name is Sydney, see, 'cause I'm Paris!"

While Z was still boggling over that, Kimmy said, "I don't have a daddy either, but that's 'cause he--ummm never mind. But I DID have a daddy, before I was borned."

"Aw, I'm sorry, sweetie." Wow, that must have sucked for the her that was this kid's mom. "What was his name, can you tell me?"

"I don't remember his first name, but his last name was Landors, like me!"

...and now they were back to 'buh' again.

"...I bred with Jack?"

"Yes! That's Daddy's name, Jack!" Kimmy bounced at having remembered--or rather, having been reminded.

And now Z turned to the tallest kid. "What about you?"

"My dad is Sky Tate and he works for SPD," JD recited.

Z felt suddenly dizzy. "Kids?" she said faintly. "Could you let go of, um, Mommy's legs so she can sit down for a minute?"