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Room 317, Monday Afternoon
Z had no children. But after a run to Turtle and Canary, Z had Cheetos and candy. She also had stolen pixie extra credit booze in her sock drawer, music, and an open door. Any kids who came in her room were so getting sugared up. She was nice like that. Their parents probably wouldn't think so, but what did Z care? She was kid-free!


There was someone she hadn't yet seen in Fandom who she *needed* to say hi to. Never mind that back home she sees a lot more of Aunt Z than any of her Daddies' other friends from school. Aunt Z is Aunt Z and she's not passing up an opportunity to visit, thank you very much.

Which is why she, and one of her Daddies, and the kitten (appropriately named Payback) are making their way to room 3-1-7 and poking their heads in the doorway.

"Aunt Z Aunt Z Aunt Z! Hi hi HI!" Bronwyn says excitedly. The only reason she doesn't run over and immediately tackleglomp Z is the kitten she's verrrrry carefully holding on to.

"Hi! Um. Okay, wait," said Z, "which one are you?"

"Silly! I'm me! Bronwyn!"

"Hey, Z," Bridge gives his teammate a wave.

"Of course! Bronwyn! Hi!" Look, Z was a little busy with her horde last year. "And...you brought a kitten!"

"Hey," she added to Bronwyn's dad. "Did the kitten come with the kid?"

"No, the kitten was the kind of special delivery that comes in the mail, not through a portal," Bridge replies. "Parker sent it," he adds with an eyeroll.

"She, not it," Bronwyn corrects. "She's Payback!" she informs Z proudly.

"I'm so glad I've never angered Parker," Z said. "She certainly looks like Payback!" she told Bronwyn. "Have you been running your dads ragged?"

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Sparky was heading upstairs to find her dad again, but peeking in open doors on her way. "Hi hi!"

"Hi," said Z. "You want some candy? I do not meant that in a creepy way," she hastened to add.

"I'm not 'sposed to," Sparky said, taking a step in the door, thinking hard, "But, my daddy will beat you up if you're a bad lady. And mostly people here are nice." She grinned at Z and bounced on her toes. "Oh! You eat a piece first! So I know it's okay!" Then she stopped bouncing and finally said, "I'm Sparky Winchester, and I'm visiting my daddy Dean. Hi!"

"Hi, Sparky," said Z. "I know your daddy. I'm Z Delgado." She picked out a piece of candy and asked, "This one look okay?"

"That looks good," Sparky said solemnly, and smiled brightly at her. "I like that name. Z. Z is for zebra, and zipper, and zing! And yay, are you friends with my daddy now?" She bounced over and held out her hand, sternly saying, "You eat half and I'll eat half."

"I am friends with your daddy," Z confirmed. Then she took half of the piece of candy and popped it in her mouth, chewed, and swallowed. "See?"

"Okay. Thank-you-Z-Delgado," Sparky said quickly, and popped her half a candy in her mouth. "My mommy is Charlie McGee!" she said around her bite. "She's a reporter. She's not here now, though."

"I know Charlie," Z said. "She used to go to school here. How's she doin'?" Pretty well, Z guessed.

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