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Let's be serious.
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The Common Room, SPD HQ, Newtech City, Tuesday, The Future
doubtful Z
Z was bored.

This was never good.

She'd tried everything: reading a magazine, looking for stupid people on the internet, listening to music. Nothing held her interest for more than twelve seconds. Also, Syd was listening to her own CD without headphones like the the enormous narcissist she was back in their room, and seriously, that was a form of torture if ever Z had seen one. It had also made listening to her own music problematic. So now she was in the common room, both trying to not look bored so Cruger wouldn't come up with something for her to do and looking for other people to entertain her.

...anyone? Bueller?

((Open to those in Newtech City and those with phones and/or internets!))

Thursday Night, Newtech City
Z says huh?
"Wait, wait," Ghost said as they walked back to headquarters from a Triforian food run that had turned into 'let's just eat here,' "does this count as a date where nothing went wrong?"

"I think that depends on whether this counts as a date, first off," Z pointed out.

"We went for food that didn't come out of a Synthetron," he said. "Which, considering that some of our dates have involved food from the Synthetron, is above the minimum standard, aaaand I've been spending too much time around Bridge. And I paid. So I think it was a date. On which nothing went wrong." That was about when she socked him in the arm. "Ow!"

"You can't say things like that," she argued. "We're not back to base yet! You're gonna jinx it!"

"I'm not jinxing it!" he protested, laughing.

"You so are!" That was about when an alarm went off a block or so away. "See?"

"You can I told you so me later," he said, and promised her as she reached for her communicator to call it in, "One day I'm totally going to take you on a date where nothing goes wrong."

"Lies," she said fondly, and then they took off running toward the crisis, as Power Rangers were wont to do.

Newtech City, California, Friday
Z Delgado
Another day, another patrol in the Jeep. With Syd. At least she was letting Z get a word in edgewise this time, but Z was pretty sure that was because she felt bad for her. She'd filed for today off weeks ago, after all. It wasn't that she made a big deal of birthdays because that had been both impossible and pointless for most of her life, but still. "Do you think at some point Cruger will, like, actually let me take a day off when I request one? I mean, I wouldn't mind so much if he'd just cut me a check for all the vacation time I never get to use or something."

"Look on the bright side!" Syd suggested. "Maybe he sent you on patrol so they could set up a fabulous surprise party back at the base."

"Did he?"

"No," Syd admitted. "But he could have!"

"Thanks, Syd," Z said sarcastically. "That makes me feel so much better."

Birthdays could bite her.

Newtech City, Wednesday Night
Z is a sad panda.
Z was pretty sure Cruger didn't actually pay attention to his Rangers', like, feelings, or he probably would have figured out Z and Ghost were dating by now, in flagrant violation of the fraternization regs. She was kind of surprised Kat hadn't clued him in by now, and downright shocked Sky hadn't. Not that she was complaining, just, Sky made grumbly noises when she and Ghost even stood close to each other, but he hadn't ratted them out yet.

So, anyway, yeah, Cruger didn't pay attention to his Rangers' feelings on each other, so she was pretty sure he wasn't punishing her for some unknown transgression when he assigned her to patrol with Syd. It just felt like it. At least in their room she could put on her headphones or walk out. This? This was eight hours trapped in a Jeep as a captive audience.

"So I was at this party, right..."

How? How did Syd find time to have a social life?

"And then she said..."

Z would kind of like to die now. "Aliens can attack any time now," she muttered.

"What was that?"

"Nothing. Turn left up here. There's a doughnut shop. We're due for a break, and I feel like embracing the cliche." And like sugar and carbs would allow her to not strangle the blonde.

SPD HQ, Newtech City, Sunday Evening
Z Delgado
Z's Valentine's Day date with Ghost had started off great. She had a sparkly, skimpy dress, she had a cute guy, and she had plans for dinner, dessert, and...after dessert. Ahem.

Then someone yelled, "Stop, thief," and a Triforian sprinted past them carrying a woman's purse. Z was wearing three-inch heels, and unlike certain pink Rangers she could name, she couldn't run in them, so she let Ghost do the running down the criminal. Followed by the tackling of said criminal into a pile of garbage, followed by the ceremonial Filling Out of the Paperwork. Apparently there was even more paperwork than usual (which Z honestly hadn't thought was possible) when you were off-duty and accompanied by a co-worker in a sparkly, skimpy dress.

It was after ten when they reconvened in Ghost's room. He was freshly showered and wearing sweats, and Z was still wearing her sparkly dress, because this was still her Valentine's Day, dammit. Valentine's Day dinner? That would be Chinese takeout and a bag of M&Ms.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Z," Ghost said with a wry grin.

She grinned back at him and said, "Shut up and eat your lo mein."

Hey, it could have been worse.

SPD HQ, Z & Syd's Quarters, Sunday Night
headphones on
Z had her headphones up to eardrum-damaging levels and she could still hear Syd whining at her agent about some event she was supposed to go to, but she had patrol. Z seriously did not care. One, saving the freaking world was more important than watching musicians congratulate each other and two, the day of the ceremony or concert or whatever the hell it was happened to be Z's day off. Z would be giving up her day off over her dead body. It also happened to be Ghost's day off, and they hadn't had an actual date in way too long.

"Don't you think so, Z?" made it through the bass line thumping directly into her ears. Z kept her eyes closed, pretending to be asleep. She was too smart to engage. "Z? So anyway," and then the chatter resumed without any input from Z whatsoever.

She could not kill her roommate. She could not. They lived in a police station--sort of. She would totally be caught. And as long as she kept telling herself that, they might all live to see tomorrow.

None of the boys had to share a room. Stupid Bridge, being married. Stupid Ghost, being red Ranger. Stupid Sky, being...Sky. Syd was still talking.

Z sat up suddenly. "I have to get out of here."

"But we're on call!" Syd protested.

Z held up her communicator. "So call me. I have to get out of here." And she fled. She didn't know where she was going, but the other options were bloodshed and screaming. Syd made her appreciate Luke so much more.


SPD HQ, Friday Evening
Let's be serious.
The thing about being a cop was that crime didn't take holidays. The thing about working for the alien police was that most aliens didn't celebrate Christmas anyway. So December twenty-fifth was kind of a big day for them. Every alien at SPD Earth--except Ghost, whose mother had exported Christmas to his unpronounceable planet, and whose presence was therefore required for presents under whatever they had instead of a Christmas tree--was pressed into service. Unfortunately, they were Terran-majority here, so they were still shorthanded. And then along came Z, who could be in multiple places at once and didn't have a family to go to on Christmas, and Cruger saw the answer to half his personnel problem.

Okay, Z was sure it hadn't been as mercenary as that, but. She and her replicates had been manning the command center singlehandedly since eight AM, since sending a bunch of her on patrol was risky, as if one got hurt they'd all be compromised. She was pretty much expecting sensory overload when she reabsorbed them all, she was tired and hungry, which resorption of her replicates was only going to increase exponentially, and the people who were supposed to relieve her of duty were late.

Whatever. She was getting paid accordingly, which meant she'd been able to afford some really kickin' Christmas and Chanukah presents. It all worked out.

((Establishy, but open to Newtechers and for calls and such!))

The Streets of Newtech City, Friday Night
Z Delgado
Z had lost track of what Ghost was saying about five minutes prior. It was just sound now. That, combined with her total distraction, meant she was probably the least effective patrol officer in the history of SPD. Plus, her uniform was really hot and itchy. That made this decision easy.

"So then he said--"

"Stop the Jeep."


"Stop the Jeep."

"Is there crime?"

"No, just stop the car. Here," she said, pointing to a conveniently located alley. "Stop the car here."

If the Jeep is rocking...Collapse )

Newtech City, SPD HQ, Kat's Office, Wednesday Afternoon
Let's be serious.
A call echoed through the corridors of SPD Earth Headquarters: "KAT! Kat, we need to talk." Dr. Katherine Manx looked up from her work just in time to see four of Earth's most valiant defenders walk in. The girls were in the lead, and they looked--well, like they'd just had a six-hour patrol shift in the Jeep to work themselves up about something. Sky looked nervous. Ghost looked amused, but that was pretty much par for the course with Ghost.

"Kat, just so you know," Sky began, "I have no part of this, they made me come--"

"Sky," Syd said warningly, and Sky shut his mouth.

"Is there a problem, cadets?" Kat asked, leaning forward in her best 'I am here to help you and listen to your concerns' pose.

"Yeah, there's a problem," Z said. "We need to talk about the uniformsCollapse )

Everyone denied accountability for the heat lamp designed for terrariums that appeared on Cruger's desk later that day, but Kat had her suspects.


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